Archerage its a success !!

Archerage was the first private server of archeage. Since the begin of this project, Trion look very concerned about … After 1 month we all know why !!

Archerage its a huge success!! Alot of players, no lags, no bugs, a proper anti-cheat, no dual box,  and an amazing staff that always listen to their players. Archeage its a p2w base game, still even that archerage staff manage to avoid.

vGames having alot of fun in the way the game should be played !!

GZ Archerage !!

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Back to the most epic game ever

vG will join in 21 October Archerage. Its a private archeage server x5 with premium free to everyone. They have alot of good features, including off files and the best feature ever –> No Trion invlolved lol. They will start their second server after the success of their RUS server but for occidental ppl. Hope to see you ingame !!


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