Leoric coming to Heroes

At the behest of the Zakarum church, Leoric traveled from Kehjistan to Khanduras and declared himself king. Acting on counsel from his trusted advisor, Archbishop Lazarus, Leoric established his seat of power in the town of Tristram. He eventually won the hearts and minds of his subjects, and ruled as a wise and just king for many years.

Lazarus convinced Leoric to settle in Tristram because he knew Diablo was imprisoned beneath Tristram’s cathedral – and after Lazarus released Diablo, the demon tried to possess Leoric. Weakened due to his long imprisonment, Diablo only succeeded in driving Leoric mad. The king grew irrational and paranoid, and declared war against the neighboring kingdom of Westmarch. Lazarus brought the king’s youngest son, Albrecht, into the labyrinth so Diablo could use him as a host instead. The loss of his son made Leoric’s madness worse, and he began torturing and executing innocent citizens.

Lachdanan, the captain of Leoric’s knights, returned from the war in Westmarch with only a few ragged survivors. Finding the kingdom in disarray and its people gripped by terror, Lachdanan confronted Leoric and was ultimately forced to kill him. Lachdanan and his men buried their king in the tombs beneath the cathedral, but Diablo raised Leoric from the dead as the Skeleton King.

Albrecht’s older brother, Aidan, eventually vanquished the monster their father had become. Twenty-two years later, the Fallen Star that struck Tristram’s cathedral reawakened Leoric’s spirit. At Deckard Cain’s behest, the Nephalem retrieved Leoric’s old crown and used it to bind his spirit to his skeletal remains, allowing them to confront and defeat him.

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