For those who have interest in knowing a few things about us, here’s a quick resume:

All started in 2002 with a bunch of guys that formed a Unreal Tournament Squad called Alliance  , mainly playing for fun still quickly realized that they should compete in some kind of league. They choosed Clanbase as their home and started to play UT  at high lvl, achieving really good results and quickly became the top UT squad in Portugal.

In the fall of 2002, the clan decided that was time to move on to another level. In that time there was an UT mod called Tactical Ops that was onfire, and there was 1 squad that ruled all – NOX. Alliance absorved NOX leaded by Azrael as Alliance tactical Ops Squad.

With the time passing really quick, the UT squad started to give some signs of weakness, and in the oposite way, the Tactical Ops squad was unstopable, leaving no chances to any Portuguese Squad, reaching easily Nº1 Portuguese Ladder and competing at really high standart in the international scene reaching Nº5 in International Ladder – You can check some results of Cups here.

Then it comes the rupture – Alliance leave UT scene and focused only in Tactical Ops, changing name to Virtual Games because of sponsors deals. At that time Cooldude retired from the leadership leaving the ways of the clan to Blackfui, and once again we achieved records that last till today.

Tactical Ops started his fall, and vG quickly decided to give the next step: We started to play Lineage2 in the mythic L2extreme private server (the one that was closed by the FBI). Together with Evolution alliance and then leading Virtual  alliance we ruled the server since the server went C4 till his last days. We played thousand of hours of L2, epic battles, extreme hardcore pvp action, really huge social interaction and lots of fun in L2extreme, made the base to what we achieve.

With the end of L2extreme, we played on some servers, still we should only mention 2 of them because of their importance: L2dex (wrath) and L2mxc. In L2dex in a server with 10K players and with almost 1 year since the start, we arrived and we get Goddard Castle in the first month so nothing more to say. In L2mxc we had epic moments and really good times, ruling once more, unfortennely the server died to as all the others- Once again we needed a rupture.

A decision has been made- We wont play private servers anymore, and what a timming because Aion was right on the next corner. We started in Retail Aion server called Castor (telemachus after merge). This time was harder for us to get the level we were used to, still with the time we managed to get some castles, to reach 11 in the legions ranking, and we became one of the pilars of each siege in the game.

vG drove for several games then: Archeage, Heroes of the Storm and Blade and Soul

After all this years  we keep or virtues: fidelity, trust, respect and fun.

We hope staying here for a very long time…