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Archeage Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods Update

The Garden is a separate place from the world of Erenor that can only be reached through the Gate of the Garden, found at The Navel of the World in high Eastern Hiram Mountains. Beginning 11th June, you will have the chance to open the door and be greeted by Kyprosa, the gatekeeper, and dwell upon the breath-taking and magical garden. Finally, you’ll stand in the place it all began. Experience new raids where you will challenge Anthalon, whose soul was brought back to the body and inherited Kyrios’ corrupted desire.


You can receive a free Brown Shiba Inu* for a limited time as a thank you for sticking with us in Erenor.
To claim this cuddly pet, login and claim it through our marketplace after the marketplace update on May 14th! Thank you for your loyalty towards ArcheAge: Unchained and ArcheAge!
*Can only be claimed once per account

Be prepared!

In order to prepare yourself for this major update, we suggest you take part in our Equipment Growth event starting at 14.05 and ending at 04.06

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Epic land grab

Today we managed to grab alot of land together in Archeage unchained. We are ready to start the real game. White Arden its our home !!!

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